Meet Our MD/CEO

The Founder and Father of this Training Centre SPAMOS OFFSHORE LIMITED, Mr Zagiri Kingsley Ayebamunugha is from Brass LGA Akassa in Sangana Town in Niger Delta of Bayelsa State of Nigeria, He is a professional in heavy duty machine operator, he was trained in the outshores of Nigeria, London in scottland to be prescise, he was trained with Sparrow Offshore in Scottland, where he got his highest certification with this training organization where he was licensed to also train other personnels, which now gave birth to Spamos Offshore Limited in Nigeria. Mr Zagiri has gained enormous experience as he worked in various offshore installations crane operations with maintenance and servicing of cranes. He has worked in several countries like Brazil, Singapore, Ghana, Malaysia, Pakistan and Nigeria deep sea. He is engaging himself with other offshore trainings to continuously equip himself. MD/CEO – Engr. Zagiri Kingsley