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Spamos offshore Training has a proven safety track record with over 10 years of experience in delivering industry leading training solutions for our customers. Our knowledgeable instructors come from various industry backgrounds and have valuable insight into the specific needs of each application.

We are proud to have trained over 5,000 equipment operators, 2,500 in-house instructors and we have worked with over 1,000 customers in Canada and the USA.

  • We train on all offshore and onshore Crane Operations
  • We train on knouck boom crane certification
  • We Supply Labour to the oil and gas industry both drilling rig, drilling ship, dynamic installater, laying barge, FSPO, FSO.
  • Assessment of Crane machinery and safety
  • We lease all offshore/onshore heavy duty equipments
  • Basic Rigging Operations
  • Installation, Maintenance & Servicing of all types Cranes and other heavy duty equipments,
  • Manpower Oil & Gas Field Services
  • Petroleum Product Marketing
  • Dredging & Marine Services
  • Environment Impact Assessment
  • Surveying/Civil Engineering Consultancy

Spamos Training provides customized training solutions that are specific to your application.

  • Establish a safety culture & protect your people
  • Get quality control through Spamos Training’s comprehensive course curriculum
  • Save time & increase operational efficiency