Compactor Operator Training

Compactors perform the age old duty of reducing the volume of a particular amount of soil (or asphalt) in order to provide stable ground. There are many types of compactors and each has it’s purpose. This course can improve operator productivity through proper techniques and it can also decrease operating expenses with maintenance tasks that are explained within the course.

This course focuses on road building tasks for compactors. Compactor types that are included in this course are:

– Padfoot rollers, including Sheepsfoot rollers

– Steel Drum rollers, vibratory and static

– Pneumatic rollers

– Combination rollers

The General topics that are covered are:

  • Introduction
  • History
  • Safety
  • Basic Maintenance
  • Operation
  • Tips for the Operator

Some specific areas that are covered in this course include:

  • Pre Operation and walk around inspections
  • Basic Understanding of Compaction

o Principles of Action

o Compaction Procedures

o Compaction Patterns

o Methods of Compaction

  • Types of Compactors and how they work
  • Controls

The course is designed to include approximately five hours of instruction.

Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3 certification available