Mooring Winch Operator Training

Spamos mooring winch tension monitoring systems will function with all known designs of winches and mooring gear and can be configured for specific and challenging offshore environments including drilling rigs and ships, accommodation platforms, production platforms, tugs, supply boats, loading buoys, tankers and barges.

Our trainings are designed to provide real-time winch and anchor line data during rig positioning and mooring, the system utilises strain gauged load cells to measure load with proximity sensors or encoders monitoring other parameters. PC and PLC based monitoring packages are available and system configurations range from basic stand-alone winch monitoring packages to comprehensive mooring load monitoring and control systems.

The application software is menu driven and operator friendly and may be configured to interface with other onboard monitoring and control systems. All products used are designed, engineered and manufactured for continuous operation to provide the operator with critical information required for safe operation.

Features of Spamos mooring winch tension monitoring:

  • Real-time meaurement and local display of tension, speed and length
  • Audible and visible alams for high tension, high speed and bitter end
  • Storage of historical data for trend analysis
  • Easily integrated with other vessel systems
  • Can be customised to suite exact customer requirements
  • Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3 certification available

Benefits of Spamos mooring winch tension monitoring:

  • Ensures the integrity of the winch mooring system
  • Improves operational safety
  • Allows operators to take preventative action in the event that winch loads exceed

pre-determined limits